Frequently Asked Questions

What will PAX do for me?

PAX is a private recruitment agency. In simple terms, we work with regional Victorian businesses and government organizations to attract suitably qualified candidates for their current vacancies. We match the job skills and personal requirements against our client’s requirements. If your skills fit the requested criteria then you may be shortlisted and invited for either a preliminary interview with PAX, direct with the relevant organisation, or both, before the appointment of the successful applicant.

Why should I register with PAX?

Registering with PAX will automatically add your details into our database as a registered candidate.  This means that if our clients request personnel with a particular key skill set, then we can perform a database scan to identify any potential candidates who might be suitable. Those with matching skills will then be contacted to see if they are interested in the role.

What will my recruiter do for me?

It’s fairly common to not fully understand all of the work that goes into any recruitment process. Our staff are sales people, organisers, negotiators, matchmakers, trainers, researchers, and public relations specialists. We use a variety of tools to source our candidates, which include our database, print and online advertising, networking and our extensive connections. Our ability to personalise the process for both our candidates and hiring managers makes us unique in regional Victoria.


What can I do to improve my Application / Resume?

At PAX we strongly believe that time spent on your resume is time well-invested. Be mindful that we can only search on information which is accurate and up to date so please ensure your resume is kept up to date and is relevant to any position you may be applying for.

Each job application should be tailored to that job with specific examples justifying your case as the best possible option for employment. Some positions may also ask you to respond specifically and separately to selection criteria.