Skilled Migration

In regional Victoria there is a well-publicized shortage of skilled workers – reported to be upwards of 1000 urgent positions across a range of sectors.  With a low local unemployment rate and employers trying the same old methods of recruitment without success, innovation is required.

We have partnered with Teleo Immigration, a Sydney-based legal practice specialising in Australian immigration law, in assisting skilled workers with temporary and permanent working visas to migrate to Australia.

PAX HR can manage the process for sponsorship, nomination, and the sub-class 482 and 187 visa application.  Our team makes a complicated process easy for you – the business that needs the skills.  Again, part of the PAX role is to ensure a good fit not only for the job, but the community and culture.   

This is just one of the ways PAX is working outside the square to respond more effectively to skill shortage needs.