Professional Expertise


PAX is a member of a number of accreditation bodies so you can be assured you will receive legally compliant, ethical and professional services. Employment is an industry fraught with challenges, and even simply hiring new staff can be a minefield for employers and candidates alike. Using a recognised recruitment company ensures you get the breadth of knowledge and experience needed in the recruitment process.

Some of our clients include:

What is The RCSA?

The Recruitment & Consulting Services Association Australia & New Zealand (RCSA) is the leading industry and professional body for the recruitment and the human resources services sector in Australia and New Zealand. It represents over 3,300 company and individual Members.

The RCSA sets the benchmark for industry standards through representation, education, research and business advisory support so members may concentrate on their core business. All RCSA member organisations and accredited professionals agree to abide by the ACCC-authorised RCSA Code for Professional Conduct.

Why use an RCSA Corporate Member?

Whether hiring a new employee, finding a temporary or contract worker, or searching for a new job, you need to be assured that the company you are dealing with is taking the issue as seriously as you are. The benefit of using a recognised recruitment and on-hire company is in the breadth of knowledge and experience that they can bring to your recruitment process.


What is HR Advance?

HR Advance is a specialist HR product suite and market leading HR software designer. Its focus is to simplify the employee documentation process, while creating legally sound materials for your organisation. This additional resource and knowledge bank is available to our clients.


Personal Strengths – Relationship Awareness

To support our recruitment, outplacement and coaching work we use the suite of Personal Strengths tools based on Relationship Awareness Theory.  The material provides a self-learning model for effectively and accurately understanding the motive behind behaviour.  The core product is the Strength Deployment Inventory – this describes the persons motivations behind behaviour – rather than the behaviour itself.  This insight is unpacked for two conditions – when things are going well and when things are in conflict.

We find these tools great for our recruitment work; matching what motivates people with the role; outplacement; transitioning people in their career; and coaching; improving performance and managing relationships.


Servant Leadership

At PAX – we seek to be thought leaders.  We read widely on corporate culture and leadership.  One of the many (millions) approaches to leadership we practice is servant leadership.  In hierarchical organisations, power is based in the pyramid.  Servant leadership is based on upending the hierarchy, inverting the pyramid.  An upended pyramid is a compelling image of the redistribution of power.  Servant-leaders exercise power for and power with, rather than power over.  Servant-leaders are generous in offering others a seat at the table.

We are members of the Center for Servant Leadership and use its simple principles in coaching others.